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Visana Health

Challenging and changing the standard for Women’s Healthcare


Visana sought to enhance their digital marketing approach and foster sustained growth. Visana is driven by a distinct mission: to change the lives of women. For more than four years, Visana and RNR have collaborated closely, with RNR serving as an essential component of Visana's marketing strategy.


Recognizing the potential of Visana to profoundly transform women's lives, we made this our central focus and starting point for our collaboration.

We undertook a comprehensive overhaul of their identity, website, and marketing materials, while retaining their original logo. Emphasizing trustworthiness and approachability through design to reveal the compassionate side of healthcare.


A Reliable Space For Women’s Health Care.

The healthcare landscape can be daunting and impersonal for anyone. Recognizing this, our team crafted Visana's digital presence to be a warm and welcoming space for the women we’re trying to reach.

marketing sites

Putting The Brand Together.

The world’s most comprehensive virtual women’s health clinic needs to visually transmit two core values: health expertise and personal treatment.

Visana's refreshed brand identity came to life by integrating vibrant, contemporary visuals with an approachable typeface.

Web Design & Development

Design Elevating The Message

The website was built for easy navigation with an user-centric layout that allows individuals to effortlessly access the information they require. Every design feature is there to ensure the core message remains prominent.

Mobile Minded

Women are constantly juggling multiple roles and responsibilities and we ensured all digital experiences were designed and rigorously tested for responsiveness and accessibility with flawless functionality across various browsers and devices, catering to the diverse needs of our audience.

Digital & Traditional Media

Communication Channels Are Key

By collaborating with some of America's largest healthcare providers, Visana reaches an extensive user base of women whom they can assist. The email campaigns we designed span a spectrum of informative to motivational content. This is further reinforced by engaging graphics and dependable code for optimal display across various screen sizes and devices.

Physical Coexisting With Digital

Traditional marketing materials continue to hold value in marketing campaigns. We supported Visana throughout the entire process, guaranteeing impeccable, print-ready designs for each project.


Art Direction

Web Design & Development

Misc. Visual Design


1. Evolved the visual direction of the brand

2. Helped succesfully launch multiple marketing campaigns. Of which several have gone viral.

3. Designed a complex, yet easy to manage to blog system


Art Direction

Gabriel Rimmerman


Carolina Romero

Jessica Herrera


Rocco Xantos


R&R Team



2021 - Present

"The true challenge lay in transforming women's healthcare into a warm and efficient experience."

“For a women’s healthcare organization like Visana, where going from idea to execution requires the utmost attention to detail, we need partners that can not only deliver, but also be proactive and push us even farther. Working with the R&R team has been a pleasure. Always responsive and fast, and constantly looking for ways to enhance ideas and build even better solutions. We couldn’t have executed on the level we do without them.”

Joe Connolly

Co-Founder & CEO at Visana Health

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