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Consulting Corporate Healthcare

VentureWell is the brainchild of Dr. Vimal Ramjee, on of Americas' leading heart specialists. They bring best-in-class medical knowledge and technology expertise to healthcare-oriented companies, helping them reach next-level growth.

The logo is a representation of the letter "V" as well as a metaphor for VentureWells services: connecting healthcare with technology. The wordmark was customised using different typefaces weights that highlight the forward-facing nature of the company.

The website was designed as a calling card for corporate customers by remixing established design patterns with a medical theme. The risograph effect used throughout are a callback to x-ray scans, as well as a way to convey the introspective nature of the brand.


To make Willa's brand more engaging and relatable, we centered our approach on understanding their values and unique selling points. We crafted a cohesive brand strategy that connected with their target audience while enhancing their online presence.

the blog

Storytelling in the Age of Marketing

Using Webflow's versatility, we created a scalable layout system that enabled efficient development and iteration of landing pages tailored to diverse audiences.

marketing sites

A Free Tesla, Private Airline, and a Debit Card?

Our team designed captivating marketing materials that showcased Willa's enticing offerings, generating excitement and driving user engagement.

For a fast-moving organization like Willa, where we go from idea to execution in ultra speed, we need partners that can not only keep up, but also be proactive and push us even farther. Always responsive and fast, and constantly looking for ways to enhance ideas and build even better solutions. We couldn’t have executed on the level we do without them.

Kalle Bergman

Head of Brand at Willa


Art Direction

Web Design & Development

Misc. Visual Design



Evolved the visual direction of the brand


Helped succesfully launch multiple marketing campaigns. Of which several have gone viral.


Designed a complex, yet easy to manage to blog system


Art Direction

Gabriel Rimmerman


Carolina Romero

Jessica Herrera


RNR Team


influencer airline

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debit card

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tesla giveaway

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