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Only Fortune Favours the Brave

heart, and soul stirring creativity

R&R is a design duo that specializes in crafting brands & websites for audacious SME’s


We're a creative duo of digital troubadours that craft narrative driven brands, impactful imagery & cutting edge no-code websites.


We help audacious SME's cut through the noise so they can make powerful impressions on their customers.


Empowering the change-makers of the world is our way of shifting the paradigm towards a better future.

Their work is nothing short of fantastic, they are phenomenal designers and extremely talented. Organised, diligent and works to the required deadlines. Couldn't recommend them high enough!

Lloyd Stafford

Managing Director, Athena Commercial

Portait of Gabriel Rimmerman


Gabe R.

Art Director, designer & no-code developer. I breach the gap between clients and their brand to help them tell stories that create memorable moments.

I believe in listening, being curious and keeping organized. On the side, I love cooking and learning new skills.

Portait of Carolina Romero

Caro R.

As a freelancer and designer, I help clients develop better brand identities, visual experiences and creative solutions. I believe in clear communication, excellent craftsmanship and the art of aesthetics.

You can check out my experiments with photography, collages and digital mediums over on my instagram


branding services

Creative & Art Direction

Brand Strategy

Visual Identity

Copywriting & Voice

Collateral & Print Design

web services

Web Strategy

UI / UX Design

Website Copywriting

Webflow Development


3 - 8 weeks


Projects start
at $3,000 USD


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starting next week

numbers will change based on project scope

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