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jesse ray diamond

In close collaboration with Jesse Ray Diamond, we merged his innovative vision with RNR's creative methodologies to launch a groundbreaking website. More than just a digital gallery, this platform offers a full-screen, immersive visual experience that invites users to not just view, but truly savor his artistic work.


Faced with the challenge of integrating custom visual effects that respond to user interactions and handling multiple video streams, we embraced the complexity head-on. our thorough process of in-depth research and extensive testing stretched our skills and knowledge. We delved into every conceivable avenue to actualize Even/Odd’s concept of "A Perspective For The New Future," breathing life into their visionary project.

the only agency

With a portfolio and client list that would faze anyone across the world, simplicity and ease of use was the key for The Only Agency, their work speaks for itself and it should. Our approach was anchored in three critical attributes: elegance, minimalism, and speed, ensuring an unparalleled user experience.

house of gul

Led by Ali Godil's unique vision, the House of Gul website project stands out as a testament to creativity and artistic inspiration. Described aptly as a 'unique experience', this venture not only stretched our technical skills but also enriched our creative spirit. Drawing heavily from the world of art, this project stands as a beacon of innovation and passion.


Our enduring partnership with Fri3nds, stretching back to their early days, has been a journey of mutual growth and evolution. When they embarked on their rebranding journey, we were thrilled to be part of this transformation. Working alongside Fri3nds, we've witnessed their metamorphosis into a dynamic new entity, achieving new heights of success together.

jesse ray diamond



custom ui kit & video system

Key Services

Design & Art Direction

Webflow UI Kit & CMS System

Motion Design & GSAP Implementation


1. Created a design & motion system throughout

2. Complex CMS Implementation

3. Custom UI Kit so Jesse can build on his own


Direction & Design

Gabriel Rimmerman

Web Design

Carolina Romero

Project Management

Rocco Xantos


Gabriel Rimmerman



2021 - Present


designed by ali godil

UX consulting & devlopment by rnr

envisioned by even/odd

the only agency

webflow migration

ui/ux & motion revamp

house of gul

designed by ali godil

ui/ux consulting

cms portfolio

fri3nds agency

brand design

ui/ux design


Art Direction

Branding Strategy & Visuals

Social Media Design



Asset usable by client, complete with Social Media Kit and Packaging Kit


Set the brand up for launch


Designed a sustainable brand system


direction &design

Gabriel Rimmerman


Carolina Romero

Always responsive, fast, and constantly looking for ways to enhance ideas and build even better solutions.

Kalle Bergman

Head of Brand at Willa

Their work is nothing short of fantastic, they are phenomenal designers. Extremely talented, organised and diligent.

Lloyd Stafford

Managing Director of Athena Commercial

Incredibly thoughtful, prompt, and smart about how they designed and built our website.

Tom Morley

Head of Product at Visana

You want an experience, we want to build it.

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