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Expanding the legacy of the unique designs from Fireside at Five


Fireside at Five was born during the Covid-19 pandemic, aiming to address the need for community, catharsis, and connection. It began with hosting intimate Fireside Chats featuring passionate professionals discussing industry-related topics.

These chats were participant-driven and focused on fostering intentionality and stimulating discussion.Over time, Fireside at Five evolved into a community-driven marketing and activation collective. They specialize in empowering placemaking-centric brands to embrace their stories, present circumstances, and future aspirations. They utilize an innovative and community-driven approach to amplify storytelling and create experiences that promote connection.


Fireside at Five's strategy centers on community engagement, content creation, and event hosting to foster meaningful connections and facilitate discussions among industry professionals. They prioritize curating compelling content and hosting participant-driven events, aiming to position themselves as thought leaders in placemaking-centric branding.